RV Electric Fireplace with Curved Glass 28″(26″ Cutout)


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RV Electric Fireplace with Curved Glass 28″(26″ Cutout)

RecPro offers a cozy solution for RVers seeking the comforts of home with our top-brand electric fireplace insert. With a sleek black design and curved glass panel, it blends seamlessly into any RV interior. Convenience is key, as it comes with a remote control and six temperature settings, perfect for those chilly evenings. Its adjustable flame settings provide ambiance without the hassle of a real fire. Safety is paramount, featuring a built-in shut-off timer for peace of mind. Whether it’s a Class “A” or “B,” this fireplace adds style and warmth to any RV space, with easy installation and versatile sizing options.

Product details:

  • 3 Heat Settings – Low Heat, High Heat, Temperature Control
  • Heats up to 500 sq. ft.
  • Real wood with 4-level LED flame technology
  • Safety shut-off with electronic timer
  • Digital thermostat
  • Flame can be turned on without heat
  • Proximity sensor  automatically cuts off heating when a nearby object is detected (within 3.94 – 5.91 inch)
  • Cutout Dimensions: 25 1/4″ W x 6 1/2″ D x 21″ H (this is the dimension your wall cut-out needs to be)
  • Overall Dimensions: 27 1/4″W x 21 1/4″H x 8  1/2″ D
  • Dimensions (trim width): 1 5/8″ W
  • Automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating*
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Plugs into regular outlet

5 Reasons why Fireplaces are the best:

  • Atmosphere: Elevating the ambiance within your motorhome or camper, an electric fireplace infuses a cozy feel, creating a welcoming environment for all occupants.
  • Convenience: Seamlessly integrated into your living space, this fireplace offers unmatched ease, allowing you to adjust temperature and flame settings with the included remote control.
  • Space-saving: Moreover, as a wall-mounted or freestanding unit, it optimizes your mobile living area, ensuring every square foot is utilized for comfort and functionality.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s a chilly winter evening or a breezy summer night, the fireplace seamlessly adapts to your preferences, providing warmth and ambiance throughout the seasons.
  • Safety: Prioritizing your peace of mind, this fireplace incorporates safety features such as a shut-off mechanism and electronic timer, guaranteeing worry-free enjoyment during all your
RV Electric Fireplace Insert in Living Area
“Home Away from Home: RV Fireplace Addition”
Electric Fireplace Insert for RV Interior Warmth
“Warmth and Style: RV Fireplace Insert”

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