Ford Transit Van Swivel Seat Park Brake Relocation Bracket Adapter for Driver Side Install



Ford Transit Parking Brake Adapter for Swivel Seat Install

This parking brake adapter is required on most Transit vans when installing a swivel seat adapter on the Driver’s seat.

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Is this parking brake adapter required if I install a passenger side seat swivel adapter?

No, this is not required if you install a passenger side seat swivel adapter. This is only for the driver’s side to lower the parking brake out of the way.

Why do I need this for a driver side seat swivel on a Ford Transit van?

On the Ford Transit van driver seat; with the parking brake engaged, the seat swivel will rotate and run into or hit the parking brake, restricting you from being able to swivel all the way.

Do I need to buy anything else to be able to install this parking brake adapter?

No, everything you will need to install this swivel seat parking brake lowering adapter comes with the kit. Some people will add additional thread locking adhesive, but this is not necessary.

How do I install the parking brake adapter, is it difficult to install?

It is not difficult to install, it does come with step-by-step instructions! 🙂

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