1992+ Ford E-Series H2.1 Ladder Roof Rack


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1992+ Ford E-Series H2.1 Ladder Roof Rack By VanTech

This 1992+ Ford E-Series H2.1 Ladder Roof Rack by Vantech is a wonderful addition to your next adventure!

Country Offroad is a proud partner and authorized retailer of Vantech USA INC

Product Description:

The H2.1 is the lighter – but just as rigid – iteration of our original H2 system. We have increased usability and ease of install, while reducing the weight of the entire system by 20%. We did this by reinforcing pressure points and joints while reducing the material needed in non-weight-bearing areas. We have also increased modularity by adding more crossbar mounting holes at shorter intervals so you can decide where and how many crossbars to use. This will allow users to compensate for solar panels, roof vents, etc. We have also designed a series of front and rear end accessories that allow users to tailor our system to their individual needs.


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