Ford E-Series Van E-450 U-Bolts & Hardware for Suspension Upgrades / for Lift Blocks & Lift Kits


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Ford E-Series Van U-Bolts & Hardware for Suspension Upgrades / for Lift Blocks (not Included)/ for Lift Kits for E-450

E-Series Van U-Bolts lift available now at Country Offroad!  Country Offroad is a proud partner and authorized dealer of WeldTec Designs.

Auto Parts Made in the USA
Auto Parts Made in the USA

The Ford E-Series Van U-Bolts make adding blocks to the rear of your van quick and simple. These U-bolts are 12″ long and have a 4.1″ ID.

Have a E-150/E-250/E350 Ford Econoline Van? Click here for Ubolts that work with your van that are ~4 Inches wide Ubolts

U-bolts will work on a a standard passenger van stock leaf pack running a 1-3″ block.

What’s Included?


Do you install them at Country Offroad?

Yes, we offer installation of E-series Lift kit and Parts in the Portland Oregon Area in Troutdale


1986 – 2007 FORD E-SERIES E-450
Weldtec Designs Portland, Oregon authorized dealer
Authorized Dealer






Why would I want to use a lift on my van?

  1. Enhanced Performance: Upgrading U-bolts and hardware can improve suspension performance, leading to smoother rides and better handling.
  2. Increased Safety: By ensuring that suspension components are properly secured, you can enhance the safety of your vehicle, especially when installing lift blocks or lift kits.
  3. Customization: U-bolts and hardware allow for customization of suspension upgrades, lift blocks, and lift kits to suit individual preferences and needs.
  4. Durability: High-quality U-bolts and hardware ensure long-lasting durability, even under tough driving conditions or when towing heavy loads.
  5. Compatibility: Specifically designed for 1986+ E-450 Ford E-Series vans, these U-bolts and hardware ensure proper fitment and compatibility with suspension upgrades, lift blocks, and lift kits.

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