Ford E-Series Van 2 inch Front & Rear lift kit 2wd

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Front And Rear Complete 2 Inch Lift Kit for the Ford Econoline e250 and e350 Vans.

E250 E350 2WD SUSPENSION LIFT KIT 2 INCH – Free Shipping

Product Description – Complete Front and Rear Kit for 2″ of Lift.

This is a E250 E350 2WD SUSPENSION LIFT that is super heavy duty and designed for heavy duty diesel applications. This kit WILL also work on gasoline powered Econoline.  Don’t settle for a kit that will not support the weight of your diesel engine.  And beware of kits that “look” the same, but are not the correct diameter for the varying coil spring sizes used on the various builds of the E-250 and E-350 vehicles.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Correct Year Selection is CRITICAL at checkout, because there are 9 different kit variations for the years ranging from 1992-2015.  Be sure you get the correct kit by verifying and providing your vehicle Year Model & Vehicle Identification Number Below:


  1. Read complete instructions and check Bill of Materials before beginning installation on your Ford E250 or E350 Ford Ecoline Van.
  2. Raise the front of the vehicle and support the frame so that the front tires just touch the ground and remove the front tires.
  3. Remove the lower shock bolts and the sway bar end link attaching points.
  4. Remove the upper and the lower Ford E250 or E350 Ford Ecoline Van coil spring clamp bolt and nut with washer. See images.
  5. Force the axle half down so that the coil spring comes loose.
  6. Remove the coil spring and the coil spring rubber isolator. See images.
  7. Install the Stud Extensions (if needed) onto the lower coil stud & install the coil spring spacer onto the pad. (If required cut factory stud so that the top of the stud extender is flush with the top of new coil spacer). See images.
  8. Install the coil spring onto the coil spring spacer and then into the frame. You may have to use a coil spring compressor.
  9. Install the upper and the lower coil spring clamp bolt and nut withwasher. Make sure that the coil spring is seated correctly into the upperframe. See images.
  10. Reconnect the Ford E-250 or E-350 Ford Ecoline Van sway bar end link attaching points and the shocknuts.
  11. Torque all bolts and nuts to factory specifications. Re -torque all boltsand nuts after 50 miles.
  12. Install front tires and rem ove the jack stands. Lower the vehicle ontothe ground. Aim Headlamps.
  13. It is recommended that you have a front -end alignment.

Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 10 in


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