Side Ladder Surf/Paddleboard Hooks (Pair)


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Side Ladder Surf/Paddleboard Hooks (Pair)

aka van surf rack on the side!

Authorized Dealer for Aluminess
Authorized Dealer and Installer for Aluminess

Side ladder surf and paddleboard hooks are way easier to install than a van surf rack!

Country Offroad is a proud partner and authorized retailer of Aluminess Products, Inc.

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Introducing Surf Hooks, a convenient and efficient solution for surfboard and paddleboard storage on your van. These hooks effortlessly mount to your ladder or single pole, offering a secure spot for your boards without the need to climb onto your van’s roof. When not in use, they conveniently swivel out of the way, minimizing obstruction. What’s more, installation is a breeze compared to traditional van surf racks, making them an ideal choice for van owners looking for simplicity and ease. Sold in pairs, Surf Hooks provide a hassle-free way to transport your boards and enhance your outdoor adventures.

van surf rack on the side
van surf rack


How to Install my new ladder hook attachment:

5 Reasons why a van surf rack could be hooks for your conversion van:

    1. Convenient Storage: Hooks provide secure storage on the side ladder, freeing up interior space.
    2. Easy Access: Boards are easily reachable for quick loading and unloading.
    3. Space Optimization: Maximizes exterior storage without sacrificing interior comfort.
    4. Protection: Securely holds boards in place, preventing damage during transit.
    5. Versatility: Can store various long items like fishing rods or ski poles, enhancing outdoor adventure capabilities.

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