Ford Super Duty Alluminatis front winch bumper 2008-2010

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Ford went away from the classic style grills for one that lined up with the headlights. Aluminess designed an all new winch bumper to match this new grill design and fit like a glove. The Aluminess front winch bumper for the 08-10 Super Duty will hold a large winch and comes with integrated tow hooks.

Wet and salty environments can wreak havoc on steel bumpers and make them rust out in no time. Aluminum doesn’t rust so you can be sure that your Aluminess bumper will hold up even in salty environments. The lighter weight of aluminum also prolongs the life of your brakes, tires, suspension, and steering when compared to steel bumpers. Despite it being light weight, it is still very strong. Aluminess bumpers have survived collisions with deer, bear and elk. This winch bumper looks as good as it functions.

All front winch bumpers now have vents and the Aluminess “A” Cut into the front.

Standard bumper configuration is round lights and 1.5” Brush Guard

Products shown with available options. Lights, shackles, receivers, and brush guard crossbars not included in standard bumper price.

Winch manufacturers are constantly changing winch sizes and designs. Solenoid relocation will likely be required with this bumper

Most Bumpers have a 4-8 week build time after a deposit is made or paid in full,  as these have many options if you buy this base model. We will contact you to go thru the options that it can have.



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