Sprinter |Promaster | Transit | Conversion Van Complete Victron Plug and Play Solar/ Electrical System

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  • The parts list for this includes the following:
    • Victron Energy BAT512120610 Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12.8V 200 Ah
    • Victron Energy BMS110022000 Smart Battery Management System BMS CL 12-100
    • Victron Energy SHU050150050 SmartShunt 500A/50mV
    • Victron Energy BPP900450100 Cerbo GX
    • Victron Energy BPP900455050 GX Touch 50
    • Victron Energy PMP123021102 Multi Plus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE Bus Inverter/Charger
    • ParkPower 30 Amp 125V Black RV Inlet with Stainless Steel Trim
    • Blue Sea 8077 AC Panel Main 120VAC 30A
    • Blue Sea 8058 Circuit Breaker Panel 120VAC – three breakers
    • Blue Sea 8023 DC Circuit Breaker Panel 8 Position
    • BEP 778-T2S-400 Pro Installer Class T Fuse Holder w/2 Additional Studs – 225-400A
    • BEP 779-LBJ-2 Pro Installer 2 Way Joiner Bar
    • BEP 770-EZ Pro Installer 400A EZ-Mount On/Off Battery Switch – MC10
    • BEP 779-LBJ-4 Pro Installer 4 Way Joiner Bar
    • BEP 778-ANL2S Pro Installer ANL Fuse Holder w/2 Additional Studs – 750A
    • BEP 777-BB3S-650 Pro Installer 3 Stud Bus Bar – 650A
    • Victron Energy BPR065022000 Smart BatteryProtect with Bluetooth 12/24V – 65A
    • Blue Sea 4010 Stud Insulator Cap for wire 8 – 4 awg (2 pack) Color Red
    • Blue Sea 4017 Cable Cap Straight Terminal Large

    Victron Energy electrical system

    We decided to install electrical components that would talk to each other as a system, so that we can control everything from one location rather than crawling around in the back of the van.

    Victron Energy make a series of products that are sturdy, well engineered, and have been proven in home and marine installations for several years. They are a Dutch company but they sell worldwide. 

    Victron Color Control GX system monitor

    The Color Control GX (CCGX) is the control panel for the system. In the picture above you can see a virtual image of the connected components. The real-life wires actually follow a very similar schematic.

    From the CCGX you can change settings for the inverter (top center of the screen) and solar controller (bottom right of the screen) through a series of menus. The CCGX also reads from the battery monitor. Not every setting is accessible from the CCGX, but enough to stop you from having to crawl around the devices to perform everyday tasks.

    The CCGX is also a gateway to Victron’s VRM Portal, where you can remotely check how the system is performing and even update system firmware.

    This could all be a nightmare of incompatible interfaces designed by engineers rather than human factors people, but Victron have done a good job of hiding the complexity behind a relatively simple user interface.

    Sure, under the surface there is some scariness. The solar controller uses a different communication protocol than the inverter and the battery monitor. Some of the settings are pretty technical. Some of the error messages are cryptic. But overall the company has done a great job of making things understandable.

    The other benefit of using components from the same manufacturer is that you can set the system up to do clever things. In combination, these devices can act as an uninterruptible power supply or even be configured to push excess solar power back to the grid.

    Black Powder Coated Aluminum

    Width (inch.) 40″
    Height (inch.) 15″
    Depth (inch.) 10″
    Weight (lbs.) N/A

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 21 in


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