Espar / Eberspacher Airtronic B4L M2 (Petrol) 12v (4kW) Heater Kit -Free Shipping

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Espar / Eberspacher Airtronic B4L M2 12v Air Heater With Installation Kit


The Espar B4L gasoline heater with installation kit

This powerful 12V van heater offers versatility and optimized heating control, even in extreme conditions. It is suitable for use at high altitudes (up to 9,900 feet / 3 kilometres) with no need for an additional high altitude kit. It can operate in temperatures as low as -46°C / -50°F. Installation has been made as simple as possible, while the B4L has been engineered to offer comfort and performance with noise levels minimized. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, and especially well-suited to vans, this is one of the most popular petrol / gasoline heaters on the market. Please note this heater is not suitable for use in marine applications.

Key features of the Espar B4L gasoline heater

  • The Espar Airtronic M2 B4L is the most powerful petrol / gasoline heater available, offering 4kW / 13650 BTU maximum heat output. This power, combined with the B4L’s advanced features and engineering, makes it one of the most popular petrol / gasoline heaters on the market.

  • The Espar B4L is engineered to operate in extreme conditions and high altitudes. It can operate in temperatures as low as -46°C / – 50°F and at altitudes of up to 9,900 feet. This is enabled thanks to its integrated altitude sensor, and unlike earlier models there is no additional wiring or installation required for high altitude operation.

  • Controlling the heater is simple because it has an integrated temperature sensor and EasyStart Pro controller. The Espar B4L’s stepless blower system enables optimized heating control and maximizes performance efficiency.

  • The stepless blower system also ensures quieter performance compared to previous models, while the improved fuel pump piston reduces clicking noise. The Espar B4L also sports a brushless fan which helps to further reduce noise.

  • The Espar B4L is highly versatile when it comes to installation. Its adaptable ducting system, which can go up to 15 meters / 49ft in length, features outlets of either 60mm, 75mm or 90mm. Ducting outlets are closeable and can have different degree grilles and outlet types, plus the number of outlets can be varied based on the complexity of the ducting system.

  • The Espar B4L is easier to install than previous models. It features plug and play  installation which requires fewer tools and no cable crimping, enabling DIY installation.

  • The heater’s fuel system plugs directly into your vehicle’s fuel system or tank with a standpipe (Optional) or via an auxiliary tap (if your vehicle manufacturer offers one). Installation of the fuel system has been simplified for this model, with the same line used for the whole installation.

  • The Espar B4L is compatible with all 3 communication protocol technologies used by Espar – CAN, LIN and S+. This means you can use your earlier generation controller with the Espar B4L

  • Custom installation kits can be arranged based on requirements of your vehicle (get in touch with the Heatso team to discuss your specific needs).

  • The brushless fan ensures the Espar B4L has a long operating life, increasing service time from 3k hours (on previous models) up to 5k hours. And if there are any issues, the its new controller communication system allows more accurate on-screen fault diagnostics.

User benefits of the Espar B4L gasoline heater kit

There are many reasons why the 12V gasoline heater is so popular as a van heater. Its powerful heat output (4kW / 13650 BTU max heat output) is a clear advantage, as is the ability to use it in extreme conditions, including at high altitudes and in low temperatures. This heater also offers strong fuel efficiency, and is a cost-effective option especially for long-term usage.

If you are looking for a gasoline heater you can install yourself, the B4L is a smart option. It’s compatible with various petrol / gasoline vehicles, and is especially popular with Ford Transit and RAM Promaster owners. With plug and play installation, a wide range of ducting options, and simplified fuel system installation, it is engineered to be easy to install.

You also have plenty of options as to where you install the fuel metering pump and heater within your vehicle. Reduction of the pump’s clicking noise means it can be installed in sleeping areas with less disturbance, and the B4L has the same base dimensions as the Airtronic D2, D4 and B4, making it a suitable replacement.

Who the Espar B4L gasoline heater kit is suitable for

This Espar gasoline heater is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications, and is ideal for heating:

  • Trucks
  • Vans (especially the Ford Promaster and Transit)
  • Campervans
  • Caravans
  • Horse Boxes
  • Mobile Workshops

Please note petrol / gasoline heaters can only be used in road vehicles, and are not safe for use in marine applications.

Heatso’s engineers are here to help

The Espar B4L is an excellent heating option for your vehicle. But if you have any questions about it, or would like to hear about other options, our customer service is on-hand to help. And when you do find the ideal solution to meet your needs, our engineers are available to talk you through the whole installation process, step by step.

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