2011+ Ford E-Series 4″ Lift Blocks


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2011+ Ford E-Series 4″ Lift Blocks

E-150 | E-250 | E-350

Rear Leaf Spring Suspension Ford Van Lift Blocks – 4″ (4 Inch)

This listing is for a 4.0″ Rise Rear suspension lift block (pair).

Ford van lift blocks serve as the perfect addition to your next adventure!

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Auto Parts Made in the USA






These Ford van lift blocks will elevate the rear end of your vehicle by 4 inches. Crafted with tapered cast iron, they offer a simple and cost-effective solution for lifting the back of your van! Additionally, lift blocks are available in a wide range of sizes, covering almost every application imaginable.


What’s Included?


These American made  car blocks will work on the 1996+ Ford  E-Series

1996 – CURRENT FORD E-SERIES E-150 | E-250 | E-350

Factory U-Bolts will need to be changed out with the installation of this kit, you can find those HERE.


Here are several examples on what you can do with this 4 inch lift:

  1. Elevate Ground Clearance: Positioning lift blocks under the van’s rear suspension boosts ground clearance, facilitating smoother navigation over obstacles and rugged terrain.
  2. Enhance Towing and Hauling: Raising the van’s rear with lift blocks levels the vehicle when towing trailers or carrying heavy loads, enhancing stability and control.
  3. Fit Larger Tires: Lift blocks provide added height, enabling the installation of larger tires for improved off-road performance and a more appealing look.
  4. Achieve Level Stance: Rectify a lower rear stance by adding lift blocks, enhancing aesthetics and reducing strain on suspension components.
  5. Tailored Customization: Combine lift blocks with other suspension modifications to meet specific performance or aesthetic preferences, catering to individual van owners’ needs.

Ensure lift block compatibility with the van’s suspension system and adhere to proper installation procedures for safety and optimal performance. Seek advice from a professional mechanic for expert guidance on maximizing lift block benefits for your van.

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in

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