1992+ Ford E-Series Air Vent Fan


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1992+ Ford  E-Series Air Vent Fan

Introducing the Reimo Powered Air Vent Fan, designed specifically for Ford Econoline vans. Keep your Ford Econoline fresh and cool effortlessly.

Product Description:

Reimo Powered Air Vent Fan, crafted for the Ford E-Series. UV-resistant and featuring an integrated insect screen, it offers manual opening and closing for convenience. Perfect for roof thicknesses of 25-80mm, with an opaque white cover and dimensions of cut-out 280x280mm, overall size 365x365mm. Enjoy optimal ventilation with this small 11″x11″ cutout powered roof vent with a fan.

5 Convincing Reasons to Choose the Reimo Powered Air Vent Fan for Your Ford E-Series Van
  1. Enhanced Ventilation: Firstly, the Reimo Powered Air Vent Fan ensures superior ventilation within the Ford E-Series van, promoting a comfortable interior environment during travel or downtime.
  2. UV Protection: Secondly, with UV-resistant construction, this vent fan offers protection against harmful sun rays, preserving the interior of the Ford E-Series and extending the lifespan of interior furnishings.
  3. Insect Barrier: Moreover, integrated insect screens prevent bugs and pests from entering the van, ensuring a pest-free environment for occupants while parked or on the move.
  4. Adjustable Opening: Additionally, featuring manual opening and closing, users can easily control airflow according to their preferences, allowing for personalized ventilation levels.
  5. Versatile Fit: Lastly, designed for roof thicknesses of 25-80mm, the Reimo Powered Air Vent Fan is compatible with a range of Ford E-Series vans, offering a versatile solution for ventilation needs.

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