Suburban Manufacturing Recall SDS2 2-Burner Drop-in Cooktop Model 3031AST & 3032AST



Suburban Manufacturing Recall SDS2 2-Burner Drop-in Cooktop Model 3031AST & 3032AST

The gas valves may fracture causing a leak

This is a listing that is being posted as awareness for the remedy now available! Local installs available and covered 100% by the manufacturer. Our installation location is located at 798 NW Dunbar Ave., Troutdale, OR!

We are a Suburban Authorized Dealer and Installer.


In addition, we will need your Vehicle type & VIN#, & also from the stove installed the Model (Stock) number & Serial number.


The internal aluminum burner tubes that connect to the gas valves may fracture and cause a gas leak.

In the presence of an ignition source, a gas leak can increase the risk of a fire.

NHTSA Recall Information


Manufacturer Name : Suburban Manufacturing CO
Submission Date : JAN 25, 2023
NHTSA Recall No. : 23E-002
Manufacturer Recall No. : NR

Manufacturer Name : Suburban Manufacturing CO
Address : 676 Broadway
Dayton TN 37321
Company phone : 866-645-0658
Number of potentially involved : 28,536
Estimated percentage with defect : 100 %

Brand / Trade 1 : Suburban Manufacturing
Model : SDS2 – 2 Burner Drop In Cooktop
Part No. : 3031 AST & 3032AST

Descriptive Information : The recall production dates includes all production of the SDS2 cooktop to
Production Dates : JAN 16, 2018 – JAN 11, 2023

Description of the Defect : The internal aluminum burner tubes connecting the gas valves to the cook top
burners can fracture from excessive vibration or shock experienced through RV travel.

Description of the Safety Risk : The burner tube could crack resulting a leak of propane when the top burner gas valve is opened to use the appliance. If ignited the propane could result in a fire and/or explosion which could result in personal injury.

Description of the Cause : The gas manifold at the control knobs can become loose over time due to excessive vibration. With excessive vibration the the burner tubes can fail. Lab analysis of failed burner tubes indicate hardening of the aluminum burner tubes likely caused by repeated impact or the excessive vibration.

Identification of Any Warning that can Occur :
The owner could possibly hear a louder than normal hissing sound or smell propane odor when the cooktop gas valve is turned to the “on” position. The flame height could seem lower than normal. The control knob of the cooktop could appear to be loose and become difficult to operate.



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(3031AST and 3032AST)

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