1992+ Ford E-Series Onboard Airbag Kit


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1992+ Ford E-Series Onboard Airbag Kit


Experience the ULTIMATE in command and control with the HP20325-R-CB1 ULTIMATE Ford Econoline Onboard Airbag Combo kit!


Combining Pacbrake’ss HP20325-R wireless air controls with the HP10163 1/2 gallon air tank to create a complete onboard air kit for your pickup truck offers a range of features and benefits designed to enhance your driving experience, improve vehicle performance, and provide unparalleled convenience. Here’s a detailed look at what this combination has to offer:

Wireless Convenience:

  • Control your air springs and accessories with remote control or phone app, eliminating the need for physical switches or wired connections.
  • Enjoy the ease of adjusting your truck’s load support from the comfort of your cab or even outside the vehicle.

Compact Yet Powerful:

  • The HP10163 1/2 gallon air tank is compact enough to fit in tight spaces but provides ample air reserve for adjusting air springs or powering air horns and other accessories.
  • Ideal for pickup trucks where space can be a premium, without compromising on performance.

Enhanced Vehicle Performance:

  • Improve towing and hauling performance with precise control over air spring pressure.
  • Enhance stability and ride comfort under varying load conditions.

Durable and Reliable:

  • Both the wireless air controls and the air tank are built to Pacbrake’s rigorous quality standards, ensuring long-lasting reliability even in harsh conditions.
  • Designed with the rugged demands of pickup truck use in mind, from off-road adventures to daily hauling tasks.

Easy Installation:

Versatility (Not Just for Air Springs!):

  • Not just for air springs – use the onboard air kit to operate air horns, air filled lake toys and power pneumatic tools when you’re on the go.
  • Enhances your truck’s utility, making it a versatile tool for work, play, and everything in between.

Instant Air Supply:

  • With the onboard air kit, you have an immediate air source at your fingertips, eliminating the need for stops at gas stations for air.
  • Saves time and adds convenience for on-the-road adjustments and inflations.


  • Universal


  • Dual or Single Path Control -works with both systems!
  • Includes 1/2 Gallon tank -allowing you to power other air powered tools such as train horns.
  • Remote Control + App -both read real time pressure feedback within each air spring and has 3 built-in memory presets.
  • 3x Signal Strength -gone are any frustrations associated with connecting phone and controller.
  • Military grade solenoids -designed to withstand extreme cold, heat, moisture or salt spray.
  • Ultra Easy Connections -Pre-installed push-to-connect air fittings and pre-assembled wiring connectors reduces installation time to under an hour!
  • Works in the Backcountry – strong bluetooth connection; does not require cellular service to operate.
  • Comes with HP20325-R wireless controls with HD Compressor and remote control, plus HP10163 1/2 gallon tank

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