Ford E-Series E150 | E250 | E350 | E450 Airbag Suspension Firestone Air Command Compressor Kit

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Airbag Suspension Firestone Air Command for Ford E-Series E150 | E250 | E350 | E450

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What’s Included

  • Extreme duty compressor.
  • Pneumatic analog gauge and two toggle switches (includes housing for easy installation).
  • 2 gallon air tank.
  • Plug and play wiring harness. 30ft of 1/4″ tubing.
  • All required hardware for installation. (click here for installation instructions)


    • Application: all Firestone air spring products
    • Max air pressure: 150 psi
    • Compressor amperage: 23 amps
    • Duty cycle: 100 percent
    • Flow rate (based on filling 1/2-gallon tank):
      • 0 – 30 psi: 7 seconds
      • 0 – 60 psi: 18 seconds
    • Cubic feet per minute at 100 psi: 0.94
    • Compressor dimensions: 11.24″ long x 3.94″ wide x 6.85″ tall
    • Compressor mounting dimensions: 8.31″ long x 3.31″ wide
    • Air tank dimensions: 14-1/2″ long x 8″ tall x 7″ diameter
    • 2-Year limited warranty

Details & Benefits

  • Individual air accessory components are also available, including compressors, air tanks, and mounting solutions, providing a wide variety of air control assist solutions
  • Adjust the ride for various load and road conditions with a switch, remote or mobile app
  • Provides an instant air source for the air helper springs or accessories

Air Command II Xtreme Duty Compressor with Analog Gauge, Air Tank, and 25′ Hose – Dual Path

Product Attributes

  • Dual point fill (both air springs fill independently of each other).
  • Extreme duty compressor specs (150 psi max air pressure, 100% duty cycle, 0.94 CFM).
  • Air tank specs (2 gallon capacity, 2 – 1/4″ NPT ports, 1 – 1/8″ port, 8.0″ height, 14.50″ length).

While your car, truck, or SUV depends on Firestone Ride-Rite™ air springs to offer in-cabin confidence, comfort, and control, you turn to Firestone Air Command™ products to put you in command of the entire experience. You depend on air accessories like the Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System.

The Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System makes inflating or deflating your air springs easy—with the touch of a button. It offers a built-in air source for your suspension system, letting you tailor your air spring inflation to suit the load and driving conditions.

When comparing air accessories, you discover that Firestone Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System has a handful of special advantages. The Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System’s easy installation is chief among them, so you can hook it up and get back to your journey. Just connect one wire to the compressor and three wires to your vehicle. The wiring harness and air lines can be plugged into the same side of the unit for smoother routing of power supply and lines.

Once Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System installation is complete, one push pressure adjustment makes you the air pressure authority. Just press a button! This Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System detail allows for dual left and right psi and pressure control readouts, side-to-side leveling, and real-time pressure readout. The Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System’s straightforward display is easy to read and can be seen morning or night, without straining your eyes.

As you get ready to install the Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System, take a moment to read the instructions and identify all of the parts to help ensure you get the best performance from your air springs. The installation steps are different depending on whether the Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System is being installed alongside a new air spring system or added to an existing system.

All in all, you can take on the road with confidence when you have Firestone air accessories, especially the Xtreme Air Cmd-D Compressor System. How come? Because you’re driving with the same, excellent technologies and products used on many trailers, commercial trucks, buses, and trailers on the road today.

Browse air accessories online and find a certified retailer near you. Our goal is to help you buy, ride, and haul with confidence.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in