Class C Backpack tire mount and storage


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Class C Backpack Tire mount and storage

Class C Backpack tire mount and storage is a wonderful addition to your next adventure!

Country Offroad is a proud partner and authorized distributor of Weld Tec Designs.



Backpack bumper tackles 2 important needs for Class C owners;  a spare tire mount and more storage!  The WTD Backpack Bumper easily attaches to the frame of the vehicle without disrupting the stock bumper.  Running a Backwoods Aluminum Cabinet Storage Box has never been easier.

What is the install time for this product?

Explore our professional installation services for rear bumpers, tailored to meet your specific needs. If you’re opting for the front bumper alone, the installation process is estimated to take approximately 4 hours. Our skilled team ensures a meticulous and efficient installation, providing you with a secure and well-fitted front bumper solution for your vehicle.

Will this product fit my needs?

This mount and storage backpack will work with most Class C vehicles and the Ford E-Series Vans.

What is the difference between Class C & Class A motorhomes?

Class As and Class Cs start out with two very different kinds of chassis. Class ARVs are constructed on a similar platform as a bus or a big semi-truck. They are the widest, tallest, and heaviest type of motorhome. If it’s a diesel motorhome, the engine is located in the rear of the coach (this design element is why some people call Class A motorhomes “pushers”); making it a quieter ride for passengers. An iconic feature of the Class A is the flat, front end with a humongous windshield. If the engine is located in the front, it is a Class A gas motorhome.

The Backwoods Aluminum Cabinet completes this look
RV backpack provides a spare tire mount and more storage

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