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The Nations Starter Alternator TAD-270 XP series alternator fits all 1999-2003 F-250, F-350, and F-450 Super Duty pickups with the 7.3L V8 Powerstroke Diesel engine. It is the most extreme alternator we build, featuring bleeding edge patented technology. It is hands down the meanest replacement alternator for the underpowered stock F-Series charging system and has no trouble handling high current demand accessories such as: extra lighting, snow plows, winches, high performance car audio systems, inverters, and televisions.

The Problem:

The original 6G Ford alternator that came with the vehicle was rated at 110 amps. However, this alternator only provides 60 amps at idle which creates an astronomical strain on the electrical system at start up. On a cold start, the glow plugs pull over 150 amps of current until the vehicle is at an optimal operating temperature. Ford’s alternator provides less than fifty percent of the power needed to run the vehicle on start-up. Due to this, the fate of your trucks reliability rests in your vehicles batteries every single start up.

The Nations Starter Alternator Solution:

The Nations Starter Alternator 270 Amp XP series alternator allows for the vehicle to have 180+ amps at idle versus the Ford’s 60 amps, which will adequately provide your vehicle with three times more power it needs most where the stock alternator couldn’t. At cruising speeds, the alternator will provide 270 amps of current for accessories you may want to run in your vehicle. Our alternators aren’t just overwound stock Ford alternator casings rebadged as “high output” alternators. Instead of following the competition and trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, we engineered our own large case alternator that weighs an incredible 6 pounds heavier than the stock Ford alternator. Unlike the 6G Ford alternator, our special TAD XP series alternator is capable of safely producing large amounts of current for long periods of time without failure for increased peace of mind.

You have the Nations Starter Alternator guarantee that it will:

  • Be the most extreme, and most reliable alternator in it’s class.
  • Give your vehicle the power it needs by providing 180 amps at idle speed.
  • Be built using the highest and strictest standards using heavy duty rectifiers with twelve 45 amp diodes for optimal current transfer in a massive aluminum heat sink for optimum heat dissipation using only 100% brand new USA made components for the upmost reliability when you need it most.
  • Come with our custom hard anodized billet aluminum pulley for extended idle performance.
  • Be backed up by our 2 year replacement warranty.

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Additional information

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 24 in

Alternator Bracket Kit Only, 200 Amp, 240 Amp, 280 Amp, 370 Amp

External Regulator (Required for Lithium Batteries)

None, Balmar Max Charge Digital Regulator & Harness, Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Regulator & Harness, Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Regulator With Cerbo Option & Harness


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