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Alternator Description

The supplied alternator is a component of a next generation high efficiency, severe duty charging system specifically engineered for Ford 4.6L, 5.4L, and 6.8L 2009-UP. This alternator produces a maximum of 270 amps and will produce a minimum of 180 amps at idle.The alternator has a maxiumum efficiency in excess of 75 percent. The rectifier is mounted onboard the alternator and consists of 12, 50 amp press-fit diodes. The brush holder assembly and slip ring are environmentally protected and the bearings are heavy-duty, oversized premium bearings.


This new charging system features an advanced proprietary stator winding of a new design that maximizes efficiency with near 80 percent density of the winding coupled with very low coil resistance. this gives the alternator maximum low speed output, as well as a 90% reduction of magnetic pulsation with the stator windings built in cancel circuit to minimize electrical noise.

Alternator Mounting

This alternator is specifically designed to mount directly in the OEM mounting locations with no modification. All electrical connections shall be in the original locations.

Alternator Performance and Demand

The OEM alternator is rated at 110-150 amps with 70-90 amps at idle. Engine idle is 650 RPS without the A/C on and 750 RPM with the A/C running. The supplied alternator makes 180 amps at normal engine idle, and 200 amps with the A/C on at fast idle. The vehicle needs a maximum of 110-150 amps to supply existing electrical loads with all accessories on leaving little room for additional accessories. The supplied alternator will supply an addtional 90 amps of available output at low idle, and 95 amps additional at high idle, and up to 160 amps additional at highway speeds.

Alternator Durability

The supplied charging system is manufactured to the highest quality standards, and is manufactured in the USA, of USA made or sourced components and are of the highest quality. All parts are carefully chosen and used for their durability, dependability, and proven performance in the field.

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Additional information

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 24 in

Alternator Bracket Kit Only, 200 Amp, 240 Amp, 280 Amp, 370 Amp

External Regulator (Required for Lithium Batteries)

None, Balmar Max Charge Digital Regulator & Harness, Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Regulator & Harness, Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Regulator With Cerbo Option & Harness


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