1992+ Ford E-Series Roof Vent Adapter


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1992+ Ford E-Series Roof Vent Adapter

Adapter for Seamless Vent Mounting:This adapter perfectly matches the OEM roof contour, allowing standard RV-style vents to mount effortlessly onto flat surfaces. Crafted from UV and fire-resistant expanded PVC, it ensures durability and ease of installation.

Adapter Specifications:

The adapter fits a 14″ x 14″ opening and features outside dimensions of 16 3/4 x 16 3/4. It’s compatible with Maxxair Deluxe series and Fan-tastic Vent fans. For other Maxxair vents, a wider adapter is required.

Framing Strips: The framing strips, made of expanded PVC, are bonded to the roof using a thick bead of Windoweld. They provide support for the vent, especially if the span between the OEM roof beams exceeds 18″. Additionally, they serve as a backing for the screws holding up the vent interior bezel. Longitudinal strips require cutting to fit the installation bay.

Roof Vent Adapter Installation Tips:

Preparation: Firstly, de-gloss the area with a Scotch-brite pad, clean with isopropyl alcohol, and let dry thoroughly.

Application: Next, apply Sikaflex 221 adhesive to the face of the adapter, press down onto the roof, and make a fillet with excess adhesive.

Interior Frame Installation: Then, assemble the interior frame with provided screws and glue to the roof using Sikaflex 221.

Fan Installation: Finally, use butyl tape to cover the fan flange, place it onto the adapter, drill pilot holes, and tighten screws lightly. Seal with self-leveling Dicor or brush-on Flexseal.

Maintenance: Check sealant integrity periodically and reapply as needed. Butyl tape may be placed in the freezer for easier application if stuck to plastic.

DISCLAIMER: Installers assume all risks associated with roof-mounted items. The product is sold “as is,” and no warranty of merchantability is provided.

Roof vent Ford econlone van
1992+ Ford Econloline rood adapter
Ford E-Series roof vent Adaptor
E-Series roof vent

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E Series Roof Vent Adapter

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