1992+ Ford E-Series Insulated Vent Fan Cover


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1992+ Ford E-Series Insulated Vent Fan Cover

Introducing the 1992+ Ford E-Series Insulated Vent Fan Cover – an insulated cover designed to enhance your van’s ventilation system. Crafted with ripstop nylon facing and an insulated core, this cover ensures optimal temperature control. Seamlessly attachable with sewn-in magnets, keeping it firmly in place on the interior bezel of the vent. Magnets and superglue are included for hassle-free installation.

Check out this How to install Youtube video for the Ford E-Series Insulated Vent Fan Cover

Install instructions:

his fits the 14 x 14″ Maxxair Fans.


Neodymium magnets are strong and can pinch skin. They may interfere with medical devices.


The magnets are brittle and can break or chip easily. Sliding magnets off the stack works best.

Broken magnets can still be used but we also include 2 extra magnets.

Keep magnets away from ferrous metals or they will jump to it.

Installation instructions:

1. Remove vent bezel by removing 4 screws holding it to ceiling.

2. Place vent cover on flat work surface making sure side labeled UP is visible and sewn on tab will be facing forward when back in vehicle.

This is very Important due to magnet polarity.

3. Place and align vent bezel on top of cover.

4. Distribute 12 magnets on back of bezel flange. The 4 round magnets are placed in the middle 2 spots on each side. They will snap to the locations of the magnets in the cover. See listing photo for location of magnets.

5. Make sure the cover stays aligned with the bezel.

6. Pick up each magnet and place a drop of glue on the bezel.

Then let magnet find it’s place again. Do this for each of the 12 magnets.

7. Let glue set completely. Takes a few minutes.

8. Re-attach bezel to ceiling with screws removed in step 1.

9. Cover will now snap onto it and be held by magnets.

10. Front panel with tab can be folded over to allow partial 1/3 opening.

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