1992+ Ford E-Series Half Slide Window

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1992+ Ford E-Series Half Slide Window

Ford E Series half slide windows are a fantastic upgrade for ford econoline replacement windows.

Product Description

Elevate your Ford E-Series Econoline van with the VWD VW3310L Half-Slider Van Bunk Window, enhancing both ventilation and privacy. This window, specifically designed for Econoline vans, offers universal compatibility, fitting seamlessly into your cargo area or bunk bed space. It’s easily installable on fiberglass extensions like VanSpeed Capsules or FlareSpace, or directly onto the van wall, adding an elegant touch to your interior with its sleek design and matte finish.

Featuring solar privacy glass with a 17% UV rating, this window filters out 83% of harmful UV rays, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment while providing protection. Its easy-to-remove screen facilitates hassle-free cleaning and maintenance, while the premium foam seal guarantees a tight, secure fit, keeping water and dust out effectively.

Compared to the CRL VW1033L, the VWD Half-Slider Bunk Window offers superior sealing, a refined finish, and an extended 1-year warranty. With outside frame dimensions of 34″ x 11″ and cut-out dimensions of 33″ x 10″, it proves to be a versatile choice for various van models. The precision-engineered clamp ring in 1/8″ size ensures effortless installation and a snug fit.

Manufactured in China to meet stringent standards, this high-quality bunk window promises exceptional performance. Its universal fit driver-side design makes it compatible with a wide range of van models, catering to both enthusiasts and professional builders alike. Prioritize comfort, privacy, and aesthetic appeal by investing in the VWD Half-Slider Window, and upgrade your van’s functionality and style today.

Product Details

  • Universal Fit
  • Driver Side
  • Color = Solar Privacy Glass
  • UV Rating = 17%
  • Installation Type = Clamp Ring
  • Mfg Country = China
  • Mfg Warranty = 1 Year
  • Outside Frame Dimensions: 34″ x 11″
  • Cut-Out Dimensions: 33″ x 10″
  • Clamp Ring Size: 1/8″
  • Slider Opening 14″ x 7-3/4″

Tips for an easy install on your ford econoline replacement windows:

If you can, cut the openings with a center-blade shear, rather than a jigsaw – this will cut an opening that may be less ragged, produce less debris, and produce less hammering on the sheet metal of the van. Additionally,

Make sure you paint the cut edges of the new window opening – if you skip this step, moisture can rust out the edges of the window mounting. Moreover,

These windows are designed to clamp onto the sheet metal body of the vehicle; they do not require any spacers. However, it cannot clamp to anything larger than 1/8″. Furthermore,

It is recommended to let the self-tapping screws do their job and bore their own hole. However, pre-drilling with a 1/16″ metal drill bit helps get them started and you won’t risk damaging the window or screw. In previous install scenarios, pre-drilling and getting the screw started with a drill makes it faster. Finish tightening the screws with a handheld screwdriver to avoid stripping out the hole.


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