HF USA has Modified a seat swivels fit on your 1996 and Older Van.

Click Here for instructions to seat swivels that fit on your 1997 and Newer Van.

Changes and Additions

The handle to unlock and rotate your seat is behind the seat and not in the front.

To keep the pivot offset after turning the swivel around, a Driver Side Swivel has been modified to work on the passenger side of your 1996 and Older Van. Or a Passenger Side Adapter has been modified to work on the Driver side.

New supports were welded onto the swivel adapter, as the angle of the seat is different on the older vans, then the newer vans.

 Seat Swivel Install:

  1. First you will need to remove the seat. Be sure to disconnect the wiring connector before removing the seat, 

  1. Pivot the swivel first, then place the hex head bolts w/ washers in front two holes, set the allen head bolts w/ washers in the rear two holes, see picture for reference:

This small support bracket goes toward the back of the van, see next image:

  1. Install hand-tight only, the nuts w/ one washer each on all 4 bolts,
  1. Tighten all 4 mounting bolts with hand tools, snug 

  1. Next, cut 1” off lower trim for seat:

Then, place seat on mount with swivel locked in driving position.

  1. Use the factory seat mounting nuts/washers to secure seat to swivel adapter. 

  1. Be sure to reconnect the wiring connector through the swivel hole,